More and more people are turning to self-employment as a matter of financial self-support in Manchester and throughout the United Kingdom. Based on figures provided by Start-up Britain which is an excellent referral site for new start up business support 607,611 have commenced in the past twelve months in the United Kingdom. Indeed the figures have increased year after year since 2012. Manchester is one of the thriving and most energetic cities in the United Kingdom for business and is generally recognized as the commercial capital of Northern England.


As accountants in Manchester for over twenty year Salford Chartered Accountants has helped a wide variety of businesses grow from acorns to oak trees. We provide knowledge, expert support and contacts that will help and develop business start-ups in Manchester, whether that be in the retail, consultancy or online sales sectors. Some excellent sources for helping your businesses develop are as follows:


Economic Solutions

Economic Solutions is a Manchester based business support company that is a not for profit enterprise . This company provide free help at their business hub and access to finance and manufacturing advisory services. The finance is mainly based on crowd funding with investments of up to £15000 for approximately 8 % equity. They also offer intensive business training.


Business & Intellectual Property Center – Central Library Manchester

This organisation based in St Peters Square, central Manchester inside the iconic central library offer business and intellectual advice on how to grow your business ideas and take the next step. There is a well of resources here

The resource center offers excellent market research facilities, extensive data bases for businesses and information on intellectual property rights.


Entrepreneurial Spark Manchester

As leading Manchester Accountants and Manchester tax accountants we are forever on the look out for business organisations which can help our clients. One such place we believe is Entrepreneurial Spark Manchester

This organisation claims boldly to be one of the most dynamic and largest business start up hubs and offers a wide range of business support facilities and advisers to help your new business start up in Manchester. This organisation works in partnership with The Royal Bank of Scotland and most importantly helps businesses achieves long term success with an impressive 87% of business start up succeeding.


Help is everything for the new business. Although there are countless business books on the markets that claim to help your business at Salford Chartered Accountants we help all Manchester businesses whether they be seedlings or have branches everywhere. We are established Manchester Accountants and accountants in Salford Quays as well helping digital businesses in the new digital world.